WooMe is a company founded by Stephen Stokols and George Berkowsk. They created an online version of speed dating, a place to meet interesting people using video, audio and a few minutes of your time.

woom2.pngUsers sign up to the site, create and personalize their profile, create a session, invite the people they find more interesting and wait for their session to start. They then have up to two minutes to chat to each of the participants, and finally decide who they “woo” and who they’re not into. If two users woo each-other they’ll have a chance to get each other’s contact information using their Woo credits (now given out for free).

Using video and audio for these “online introductions” or speed dates is a smart idea and technologies like Flash allow Woome to offfer all this in an easy to use environment, without requiring any download. People use WooMe not only to find their soul mates, but also to meet friends or chat about any topic.

The website is getting extremely popular between 18-24 year-olds, doubling their traffic every month.

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