Here´s an article on BW with a great commentary on the part of Michael Dell supporting Fon. Fon has already grown quite a bit in the States but in this large country we are still far behind the UK and other smaller nations in spreading Fon. My view is that Fon is a standard for connecting to WiFi and as GSM has shown USA tends to come late to standards that are not home grown, but they tend to adopt them in the end. I am confident that Fon will eventually make it big in the States as well. Especially as we move into .n foneras, wimax foneras, femto foneras which are necessary in many parts of the States in which people leave farther away from each other.

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Charbax on October 12, 2007  · 

With all the recent talk about Microsoft’s white spaces, AT&T buying Aloha’s 700mhz spectrum, Sprint’s Xohm network covering all big cities by the end of 2008 and Google bidding for the national 700mhz spectrum within the next 3 months, I am confused as to which is the wireless technology that will prevail for providing ubiquituous wireless Internet to everyone as cheaply and as soon as possible.

I wonder if Wimax foneras are meant to catch Wimax signals and transform them into short WiFi signals, or if the Wimax fonera is meant to take ADSL, Cable or Fiber wired internet and transform it into Wimax and WiFi hotspots. Is there such a thing possible as a wimax hotspot using a cheap device such as a wimax fonera?

So in a way I would see FON partnering with Google to deploy Wimax using existing ADSL, Cable, Fiber networks as well as expanding Google’s dark fiber network to provide some stable Wimax base stations to supplement the at-home Wimax foneras this way to reliably cover everyone with good density bandwidth, the more wimax foneras in densely populated areas providing more bandwidth since each wimax hotspot would be smaller.

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