Today I had to fly from Paris to Hong Kong and while there was a direct flight with Air France I added 3 hours to the trip and took Lufthansa for only one reason: I knew they had WiFi on board and I had never experienced it. Considering this one of the ultimate fonero experience I decided to trade bad food for internet connectivity and here I am, blogging at FL380. What can I say, this is AMAZING and I am saying this not only because I am a net addict but because being on line takes away the stress of being disconnected while flying. Personally I don´t have fear of flying, I am a pilot, my paradox is that on long haul my anxiety did not relate to what would happen to the plane but what was happening to the world! And here I mean the macro world in the sense of CNN or BBC and the micro, my family, friends, fon, etc. Now I can fly with my Netvibes on, my e mail, chat and even speak on Skype and even upload my latest Paris pictures from this weekend on flickr. I wonder how do I appear on Plazes as I fly?

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