A friend suggested me to have a look at an interesting offer by Avis, the rent a car company. They provide a special mobile router to give WiFi connectivity in the cars they rent. It’s based on a product called AutoNet, a device that combines a 3G modem and a WiFi router and turns your car into a WiFi hotspot.

What is very interesting about this is why the service uses 3G and WiFi instead of 3G alone: while mobile broadband is great for its coverage it lacks compatibility with most of the laptops, mobile devices and game consoles on the market. This is one of the many advantages WiFi has over 3G (another big one is cost!) and one that will stay for a long time.

WiFi has become a standard for device manufacturers like Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Panasonic and others who want to provide connectivity for their gadgets. FON has partnerships with most of these manufacturers and is making it really easy and quick for foneros to connect using their WiFi devices without typing usernames and passwords. This is also great for our partners like BT or Neuf whose users can as easily connect using their gadgets on BT-FON and Neuf WiFi FON hotspots.

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