This article on the declining fortune of Starbucks and its new free WiFi effort shows how important free WiFi can be for a coffee shop chain. How many people have chosen Starbucks over the last years simply because it had WiFi? I met with Howard Schultz and tried to convince him, unsuccessfully, to offer free WiFi through Fon arguing that sooner or later Starbucks would have overcharging people with the expensive T Mobile WiFi offer. People need WiFi as much as they need caffeine, or more 😉

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peter on June 3, 2008  · 

that´s far beyond reality of life…

“… two hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi a day. […] The two hours must be consecutive.”

This plan will not be a big success…..!

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andres on June 4, 2008  · 


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Gustavo on June 4, 2008  · 

You are 100% correct. I meet people at Starbucks or Peets 2 or 3 times per week for business. AND, we always use our laptops.

Maybe FON can get into Peet’s Coffee…..

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jose on June 4, 2008  · 

I need Wifi more than cofee!
And after reading the article I would say , wifi will be just an extra for the heavy users and a hook for the new ones but dont think a user will become heavy user just for the wirless (starbucks cofee is my opinion is not that good, is over rated and expensive).

How did it go the Fon-near-a-starbucks plan?

Fon+starbucks would be a good aliance… maybe after 2008.

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