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Europeans put Americans to shame when it gets to reducing carbon emissions. But Americans put Europeans to shame when it gets to reducing smoking rates. Why is it that America got so well organized against the deadly practice of smoking and has such a hard time reducing energy consumption and controlling climate change? If you think about it America should be ahead of Europe in climate change policy if anything because USA is the country that suffers the most from climate change in the form of hurricanes which do not exist in Europe and yet it is so hard to get Americans to make the few decisions they would need to make to consume less energy. Simple measures such as driving smaller cars, keeping buildings slightly less air conditioned in the summer and slightly less heated in the winter, or increasing the availability of public transportation would go a long way to improve emissions in USA. And yet, these measures are not happening. And you want to know what the sad part is? That I am at a session at the Clinton Global Initiative that focuses exactly on this issue and a group of experts discussing the matter seem to be baffled as to why American consumers are so irrational when it gets to energy consumption. Experts here are saying that America needs government regulation because consumers on their own are not making the right energy decissions.

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hoblap on September 25, 2008  · 

The most amazing fact is that not only USA spend most
of the energy in the world, but also makes it in an awfully
wasteful way.

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Dani Santi on September 25, 2008  · 

Interestin post, I did not think in this before, but it is true. Maybe they waste the energy like a tradition, because they think more in themselves than in the global effects.

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