Because the city combines an ancient body with a new skin.

Because in Tokyo fashion comes in many styles at once.

Because they make the biggest type of buildings small.

Because foreign foods taste local.

Because toilets pamper you.

Because everyone is so polite and makes you feel safe.

Because the few children there are, are little princes and princesses.

Because the map of Tokyo must have been drawn by a drunk emperor thousands of years ago.

Because when people don´t understand you…they still try.

Because taxi drivers open the door for you…from their seats.

Because over here you don´t have to look like a geek to love technology.

Because Tokyo is a collection of little villages that blend into a city.

Because the best food they have, miso ramen, is food everyone can afford.

Because your bath tub is expected to overflow.

Because people care that you don´t get sick if they are.

Because the Japanese are as curious about you are you are about them.

Because as strict as they are with rules they still opened Cafe Salvatore in Roppongi tonight because they saw how much we wanted their chocolate cake!

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