Because American education stimulates creativity and self reliance.

Because Americans have a huge homogenous home market in which to test their product.

Because American culture is the only global culture.

Because being American is not only a nationality but also a can do attitude and American companies hire people with an American attitude wherever they are in the world.

Because success is a rare end in a random distribution of failure and success and America also has the most unsuccessful companies on the internet, the most failures.

Because the American capital markets are the most developed in the world and America is the richest country in the world (in spite of also being the biggest debtor in the world).

Because in America universities and technology companies live side by side and most people have a positive view of business.

Because Americans have the easiest legal environment in which to try people out, an easy hire and fire process essential for the internet. In other countries unusual candidates are not hired cause they cannot easily be fired and “genius” goes undiscovered.

Because the hardware of the internet, companies like Cisco say, is also designed and sometimes made in America.

Now what are the trends that go against America´s lead?

A complicated, random and unpredictable legal system that is making harder to operate with the classical tools of venture capital like stock options.

An oligopolistic telco industry that somehow fights the hand that feeds it combined with the worst mobile telco quality in the whole developed world.

A population that on the average is less educated than that of the Far East and Europe with income inequalities which lead to a lower percentage of the population online.

The still enormous popularity of TV in America that makes people less likely to be in the internet.

Nevertheless American companies as a whole have a huge lead over European and Asian companies. And frankly, a well deserved lead.

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