Two days ago 6 Spanish soldiers were attacked and killed in Lebanon. This is an excerpt from the Spanish newspaper El Pais that shows that half of them were Colombians fighting in the Spanish Army.

Los fallecidos son: Jefferson Vargas Moya, de 21 años; Jeyson Alejandro Castaño Abadía, de 20; y Yhon Edisson Posada Valencia, de 20; todos de nacionalidad colombiana; y Jonathan Galea García, de 18 años, de Madrid; Juan Carlos Villora Díaz, de 20, de Ávila; y Manuel David Portas Ruiz, de 20, de Sevilla.

Joining the Spanish army is a way to immigrate to Spain. Foreigners can join the Spanish Army and after serving for a certain number of years they can gain Spanish citizenship. The Spanish Army did this because Spain has a very difficult time convincing Spaniards born in a now very successful consumer society to die trying to promote peace in the Middle East. I am not surprised that very few Spaniards would want to enlist. Personally I am troubled by this recruiting practice. I am a Latin American myself (Argentine) and I don´t see why Latin Americans should die fighting in the Middle East.

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