Here are my results of my medical check up today.

I am 52. I am 180.5cm tall and weigh 81kg. My waist is 90cm which I was told is ideal as your waist should be half your height. My resting heart rate is 60 and my max during the stress test was 171. I got to 250W in the recumbent bike in which I was tested. My resting pressure is 105/61. My total cholesterol is 114 and the bad one is 51 good one 39.  My blood work was normal. It seems that my habits of cycling and healthy Mediterranean food, no drugs smoking or drinking, stable weight and above all a great family, friends and work colleagues are helping me stay healthy.

Now what are your results?

You see this could be a game, but for once a game in which everyone wins.  Because if we compete in being healthy then we are all healthier, as simple as that. So this is why I thought  that publishing my “health numbers” would be a good idea. Because I know I will be proud of them until somebody else shows me better numbers.  And then I will try harder, to be healthier. Because I am foolishly competitive that way. But here foolish is good.  My Dad unfortunately did not lead a healthy life, and died at the young age of 49 of a heart attack. Another incentive for me to stay fit.

Somebody should make a game about this. It will make all those who play better off. The medical check up game? Lab work?

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