Having managed three ISPs, Viatel, Ya.com and Jazztel I think that this senior American executive is clueless. Liberalization: it all started in America. But with the Bush Administration, monopolists are having a ball. Witness unbundling, Americans invented it, we copied it in Europe, now Americans lost it and we get much more bandwidth for less money than in the States that it´s not even funny. And that´s with the euro at 1.2. With ideas like selective speed management soon America will revert back to the Internet Dark Ages of dial up.

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Damien on January 23, 2006  · 

The snr. ex is proposing a dynamic managed bandwidth product, it is the journalist while attempting to explain this in a non-technical way has twisted it to sound like a stupid ‘quickest loading webpage’ proposition.

The model is similar to that for routing of international voice calls, where operators dynamically jump to the cheapest pipe.

If I’m Yahoo serving a customer up a Video On Demand Movie in realtime then you can be sure I’ll dynamically hop to the ISP that can guarantee me (and my customer) the required X Mb connection for the next Y minutes to show them the movie they (or advertisers) are paying for.


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Martín Varsavsky on January 25, 2006  · 


Personally, I am against any intervention from ISPs that would create advantages or disadvantages for some sites vs others.


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Damien on February 6, 2006  · 


Its horses for courses as we say here in Ireland.

Not all traffic should be equal. video and voice need low latency on-demand managed bandwidth to provide the user with the required experience, while non realtime services don’t. It’s not getting one up on other sites, its ensuring that multimedia services actually work on a busy highway

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