If there is one thing that Bill Gates got right and Steve Jobs did not is collaboration. And it is because Bill Gates knew how to collaborate and leave enough money on the table for others that he became the richest man in the world and Steve Jobs did not. And it is also because of this that Bill Gates became the largest philanthropist ever in the history of humanity and Steve Jobs, even if he had had the money, would have probably never gotten to that spot. Bill Gates likes to share his toys. Steve Jobs does not.

Now let me explain. I hate Vista. I use Apple, I have an iPhone, and I am now blogging from a MacBook Air. I even own Apple shares since they crashed last month. Having said this, I think it is time that Apple allows Leopard to be used in Dell computers, for example, so we can get quality, competitive products that are better than this new Apple clone. Us Leopard users…we want choice. I hope that guy in Miami does not get shut down. In any case, my advise to him would be to sell the boxes and let people install Leopard in them on their own.

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