Sorry, the Fonera 2.0 is out of stock. The next ones will arrive in a month. In the meantime,  we at Fon are not only interested in those who bought a Fonera 2.0 but in those who did not buy one. So I prepared a poll for those who were not attracted by the offer to help us improve the product and the message when the new stocks arrive and as we develop future Foneras.

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Falko on May 4, 2009  · 

I guess “it is not N” Means it doesn´t support the new fast wireless standard. That´s the new thingy you find in the macbooks and newer laptops, its the high-speed wifi…

just a comment for the non-geeks

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lothar_m on May 4, 2009  · 

i didn’t buy it because i’m still waiting for independent reviews that demonstrate the fonera2.0 ability to deal with a large number of simultaneous connections.

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Martin Varsavsky on May 5, 2009  · 

So far the Fonera only performs well downloading one torrent at a time. We are working on improving that. But the concept here is that you are getting a device that is always on anyway not doing anything other than give you wifi to do many more things. Its processor is slow, it will take longer than in a PC, but a PC you need all the time, a WiFi router you don´t. Moreover the savings in energy of uploading to Youtube, Picasa, Flickr, or downloading Rapidshare, Megaupload, torrents with the Fonera are big.

AustinTX on May 5, 2009  · 

Other: La Fonera 2.0 provides nothing for the Fonero community, nor does it provide features to overcome the demonstrated shortcomings of the Fon Network. It’s nothing more than a packaged, proprietary gimmick which Martin hopes to sell so he can raise money. And then… he has no idea. He has failed to make Fon a success, and he keeps changing his definition of progress.

We remember what he promised. We ponied up our money and provided our eager support. We were abandoned.

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Martin Varsavsky on May 5, 2009  · 

Austin, so far the Fonera 2.0 does have great reception. Please read the articles that are linked from this blog. As far as making money so far Fon has lost 32 million euros and we hope it will become profitable this year. But I do apologize that so far we have been much more successful in Europe, especially the UK, and Japan, than in USA. I am very sorry for that as I lived in USA for 18 years, loved that great nation and wish we could find a way to make people in the States more interested in sharing WiFi.

Buzzard on May 5, 2009  · 

What I would like to see the Fon community evolve into is a internet community connect to and also separate from the internet. Let me try to clarify. The Fon is integrated into a voip fon/internet system based on a mesh network as a start. As more fons are sold the foneros can become a separate system outside of the internet for fonero users. It could be based on wifi/wimax. I’m not sure if wimax is unlicensed or not but it would be for long haul communications between fons. Fon could become a viop system/ internet network for its own community. Say a local craigslist style plugin for business for the captive portal is just one idea. Virtual storefronts is another.

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Peter Papp on May 5, 2009  · 

Dear Martin,
have you ever considered to release hardware plans for LaFonera under open-source licence? Such as Arduino company?
It would bring other hardware manufactures into game and drive the cost of production and development down. I understand that your business model is subsitised by LaFonera sales but I am sure that number of access points is important for Fon network as well.

Please take time when choosing power supply for your units! Every wasted Watt counts!

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Mehdi on May 9, 2009  · 

i like the idea of what the actual fonera does. as a router it is awesome in its application, compared to other rivals on the market. however the Idea behind fon and sharing wifi is not so quiet good. reason being that most people now are able to get HSDPA(mobile broadband) which kind of makes wifi redundant now. being because the reason why people connect to wifi is to surf the net.

most hotspots now are free to use, i dont see what fon is accomplishing. as they are basically using someone elses bandwidth to share internet freely or at a cost. where most hotspots now have their own WISP system which provides 100% revenue. i feel that fon should move away from community hotspots and think about the Wireless router market. R&D should be looked at investing in more high specs(ram and processor) routers that can handle much more simulataneous connections.

the fonera 2.0 is what you call “value for money”
i personally have to result in installing third party firmware and hacks in order to get the functionality of that of a fon, which comes preloaded and hassle free

whatever fon does i will keep a close eye on its endavours

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