I am at a panel at DLD with the vague name of telling stories. There is Fernando Sulichin the Argentine film maker in a weird panel blend with my friend Loic LeMeur and Valleywag feeder Julia Allison. The first comment on this panel is that people whose life is on the Internet seem to live in a separate world from people whose life is in the movie industry even though they both tell stories. Bloggers like Loic and Julia and myself, we tell stories, and so does Fernando when he makes a movie, and so do people who write books. But the way we tell these stories is fundamentally different. When bloggers speak, people reply. When movie directors film, people watch. Fernando has a depth in talking about subjects that Loic and Julia don´t have because you can tell that Fernando has TIME in his life and Loic and Julia do not. Fernando is not on Twitter, Fernando is not checking his friends updates on Facebook, Fernando is not on Netvibes with a million blogs. Fernando´s next story is the life of Jesus as a revolutionary with Tim Robbins acting in it. I don´t even know Fernando, but I sometimes get the feeling that people who want to tell a good story, in depth, should not be on the Internet more than an hour per day.

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