I invested in vpod.tv. I asked Rodrigo Sepulveda, one of the two entrepreneurs behind vpod.tv, to send me a company description and this is what he sent me:

vpod.tv is an easy online video publishing and syndication platform for the web and mobile devices aiming at the global consumer market, enabling massive new user-generated content and personal customizable TV-channels. It brings a real convergence between fixed and mobile devices such as computer screens, TVs, mobile phones, and portable media players.

Now this is what Rodrigo says. To me vpod is a youtube made by Europeans. When I see the most popular American web sites I generally find them lacking in design and functions. It is as if they were designed for the least common denominator of visitor, which is fine for these companies, but it is disappointing to me. There are American companies who excel at design and function. Apple is a good example in terms of hardware, or Technorati, a search site with satisfying functionality and beautiful design, but these companies are exceptions and in general America produces sites like Youtube, which are very simple to use but lack features and look ugly. In America if you choose design and features that require some learning you are alienating 3/4 of the population, in Europe instead people are more appreciative of design and are more willing to learn about your site. America is a country of extremes, it has the most educated and the least educated people among the rich countries, Europe has a better average and this is why it pays off to invest in design and functions over here. So this is why I prefer Netvibes to My Yahoo when choosing a home page and I prefer vpod to Youtube. I know that My Yahoo will always have more viewers than Netvibes and same will be the case with Youtube vs Vpod.tv. But I like to invest in sites that I like to use and hence my investment in Netvibes and Vpod.tv.

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