Twitxr (pronounced twitcher) day 3: Albert and Victor at Fonlabs never stop and in two days from Twitxr‘s launch they added a couple of extremely useful features. As you know Twitxr is like a Twitter with pictures, a service to update your friends with what you are doing, where you are doing it and, most importantly, a picture of it. The text and picture you post will appear not only on, but also on your Twitter, Facebook and now Flickr account, if you have configured the service to do so.

Starting today you’ll be able to post your pictures and text to Twitxr from any device with an e-mail client (any PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Nokia phone or smartphone, Windows Mobile device, not jailbraked iPhone, etc… ). This adds support to an incredible number of devices and makes the service really simple to use. Of course if you have a jailbraked iPhone you should use iTwitxr (available on the Network category in which makes the experience fast and intuitive and adds automatic geolocation to your posts.

To post via e-mail just save the private address you’ll find in the configuration page to your address book (on your phone for example) and follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter your location as the subject of the e-mail
  2. Type the update message as the body (140 characters or less)
  3. Attach the picture
  4. Send it to your private twitxr e-mail address

As a new feature was not enough, Twitxr now allows you to post your twitxs to your Flickr account and have your photos geolocated and complete with a description (your update message). This latest addition makes Twitxr the perfect service for those who want to share messages and pictures with their friends on the most popular microblogging and photo sharing services (Twitter, Facebook and Flickr), using almost any mobile device on the market from wherever they are.

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