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At Fon we are Fonwifi in Twitter. But it so happens that naturally FonWiFi is evolving from being us telling news about Fon to quickly becoming a first help site for customer care. We were not prepared for this but as thousands of Fonera 2.0 get shipped around the world we are doing what we can to answer. So long as people understand that it is not meant to be our customer care we are cool with it.

As far as the Fonera is concerned yes, we admit it, we can´t get the Bittorrent to work well. Megaupload works fine, and so does Rapidshare. You can also download by cutting and pasting links. You can even download when away from home by entering your fonera using DynDNS. You can also upload HD videos to Youtube, pictures to Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, convert 3G to WiFi, connect printers and webcams to it. But we do apologize about Bittorrent. It´s not that it does not work. Bittorrent is like loading 3 people on a donkey. Sometimes it moves…but sometimes it just crashes. Everything else requires less resources.

In any case the Fonera is open source and we welcome all help to fix that app as you enjoy the others which is still not bad for 49 euros plus shipping.

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