I’ve been trying out Twhirl, the most popular third-party application to enhance the Twitter experience on Mac or PC computers. Twhirl was recently acquired by Seesmic, the company enabling video conversations, founded by my friend Loic Le Meur and in which I’m an investor.

Twhirl is an application that lets you use Twitter from you desktop, making really easy and fast updating your status and reading your friends’ twits. Twhirl also makes it easy to look at replies from your friends, direct messages, favorites, friends and followers. Twhirl is compatible with almost all micro blogging platforms available, like Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and recently added FriendFeed support as well. This makes it a great tool to post your updates and keep track of what your friends are up to, regardless of what platform they use and without visiting and logging in to any website.

The application, created by German developer Marco Kaiser, has recently become very popular: it has already more then 100,000 downloads and 7% of all tweets posted per day comes from Twhirl. What is also great about this app is that it uses the Adobe Air environment, so it works on PC, Macs and Linux, without the hassle for the developer of porting the application to every system. Air lets developers build desktop applications using web technologies like HTML, Javascript and, of course, Flash, the same technology on which Seesmic is based.

Integrating Seesmic into Twhirl will greatly enhance the Seesmic experience, allowing for posting and viewing of Seesmic video conversations inside the application, in between posts on Twitter and other platforms.

You can download Twhirl here.

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