I am getting tired of the American press trash talking the euro. I just came back from New York City and all my friends in finance over there seem to be convinced that the euro will not survive this crisis. The New York Times and other top media all had articles about this. They think that euro nations will not agree on monetary policy and the French Franc, the DM, the Lira, the Peseta will be reborn. I am convinced that the Germans, French, Italians, Spaniards, the Dutch may not agree on things as to using its own taxpayer´s money to help the new members of the EU, but they all agree that without the euro they are all worse off. Indeed these are times that show that having your own little currency is a curse. You don´t believe me? Ask the British how they will manage to save a hugely dimensioned banking system in relation to GDP, having their own currency. Viva el euro!

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