• When a successful entrepreneur stops investing and starts donating, paradoxically, he slows down the economy somewhat.
  • The brits must have done something right cause their ex colonies rule the world…
  • If people stop having kids once they realized that they were more of a financial burden than a pension…why were they having them?
  • The Chinese Com Pty is hooked on selling goods to USA. US govt is hooked on selling paper to the Chinese Com Pty.
  • If rich people need poor people to be rich, who r the poor that make the Scandinavians so rich?
  • Piracy of US content has led to Chinese who want to be “American”. The world can’t afford this.
  • Will the MBA of the future be a file transfer into our brain?
  • China is now a nation of lone children.
  • Most of the GDP of the world is concentrated in 7 times zones out of 24. So r most of the people.
  • Why r most rich countries socialist at home and liberal abroad?
  • USA has a very poorly distributed income still it is better distributed than in “socialist” Venezuela.
  • Why do most rich countries support the welfare state but not the welfare planet?
  • Why don’t we elect the secretary general of the UN in a global election?
  • In capitalist NYC the rich pay much higher taxes (48%) than the rich in comunist China.
  • Land should be taxed if left unused. Patents should be taken away if left unexploited.
  • They should teach intro to consumer society at schools so kids learn all the tricks that advertisers use on them
  • Humans r still killed by animals. As we grow smarter our rivals get smaller.
  • Spain’s presidents don’t speak English
  • education for entrepreneurs should be based on problem solving rather than memorization
  • Cultures of innovation, homogeneous: Nokia, diverse: Google
  • To promote organ donation they should give organ priority to those who declare themselves donors
  • China is the biggest contributor to global warming now, but the one who suffers desertification the most.
  • As the Chinese go for religion again the poor become christian and the rich budhist
  • Plug in hybrids has the big advantage that cars are charged at night.
  • Plug in hybrids are a distributed solution to our inability to store electricity
  • In the Hudson River they r testing current based electricity generation.
  • I like novels that manage to explain what science has fail to understand
  • If knowledge is 100 I think that in 1800 we were at 5 and in 2007 we r at 10
  • I can understand people who believe in God slightly better than those who believe in any organized religion
  • Some predict political demands will increase in China if the economy stops growing. I think the opposite.
  • Jews believe that the world was created 5768 yrs ago. 5.768bn would be almost right.
  • Now that we have C sections, will brain size continue to grow?
  • USA co’s beat other countries because USA’ co’s can attract best from those countries
  • A true love story can’t have a happy ending
  • Before science was discovered religions used to evolve.
  • An avatar in Second Life consumes as much electricity as the average Brazilian
  • Worldwide internet related emissions are now equivalent to those generated by the airline industry
  • Most marriages fail because being everything to one person is just too hard
  • The treatment of pedestrians by car drivers says a lot about a culture
  • Most work a third of the day for a third of the year. Should people be defined by what they do at work?
  • Is the real death of a person the last time somebody thinks about them?
  • If u want to go fast go alone if u want to go far go in a group, African proverb
  • Tutu is the only religious figure who makes me like religion
  • You Tube should launch You tube Live for people to have live web casts of long tail sports events
  • Politicians are people who are particularily trained in acting slowly.
  • The key to successful parenting is that your kids get it by the time u don’t anymore
  • Apple proves that decline does not mean extinction and it can be reversed.
  • all currencies are sinking except the euro and the pound, when are the Arabs going to stop holding dollars?
  • France still has to do the reforms that Germany did. Without this and with the euro at 1.42….
  • All students should have a laptop, but not during class.
  • The test of self esteem: when you find someone who has done something great, do you feel admiration or envy?
  • In the US there r more black people in jail than in college
  • the internet is an extension of our neural system, in a few centuries we will connect ourselves to it
  • Japan’s population is aging and shrinking but the Japanese still reject immigration as a solution.
  • The problem with capitalism and democracy is that capitalism, as China and Russia show, does not need democracy.
  • The trouble with some journalists is that in their eagerness to tell the truth, they imagine it.
  • Time mag talks about winning the climate war. Why do Americans think so many problems r “wars”?
  • To rule in NYC u need $, in San Fran talent, in Paris elegance, in Madrid humor, in London all of the above.
  • 2 competing urbanization models, downtown vs suburban fight it out around the world
  • The Holocaust survivors who founded Israel thought that Christians were far more dangerous than Muslims to Jews.
  • In ancient times kings were very rich, now the very rich r kings.
  • On the average children are the poorest people in the world. Is that partly because they can’t vote?
  • All children of UN countries should have one year of common education around how to get along with each other and the earth.
  • When will we stop saying that Europeans discovered America and say the simple truth: that they invaded it.
  • Why does my native Argentina reinvent the wheel when it gets to economics (price controls) and politics (Peronism instead of right and l … …
  • A German Politician is proposing that marriage be a 7 year renewable and not a lifetime committment
  • if stats show that spaniards read less books, spend less time on the net, see less movies than northern europeans, what do they do?
  • Divorced parents with kids still have a lifetime relationship in a way.
  • pinging is so much more energy efficient than crawling!
  • Dollars r the new pesos! Funny
  • A historian is a matchmaker of the past and present.
  • If it wasn’t for that we still pay for stuff in the real world the ad supported virtual world would cease to exist.
  • While many worry about Iran going nuclear Pakistan is and it’s on fire.
  • high school is the last time in your life in which you are expected to be good at everything
  • I am frequently surprised how quickly Americans call strangers amigos. Facebook is the $15bn amigo corporation.
  • The best combination: Europe’s values, America’s creativity and Asia’s drive.
  • If global warming increases plant mass. Shouldn’t climate change be self correcting?
  • Downloading requires a lot of time and hard drive space. Streaming sites are much easier and cheaper to use.
  • Spanish is an underepresented language on the internet because hispanics love to talk in real life!
  • We should start a campaign on the internet against the frequent attacks from traditional media. Si a la red! Yes to the internet!
  • American incomes look very high til you divide it by the amount of hours they work or convert it to euros.
  • Chavez likes to say that you are either with him or with Bush. Many of us find both pathetic leaders.
  • At my home streaming sent to the big TV is replacing satellite TV
  • Marriage’s challenge: it’s hard not to underdeliver when u start with such an overpromise.
  • what goes up must come down…. unless it goes into orbit
  • if carriers implemented number portability, google should implement ranking portability so u can take your blog to another platform
  • my twitter is only quiet when Loiclemeur is asleep in California 😉
  • if internet advertising is so great, why do people dislike mags without ads and instead dislike web sites with ads?
  • If property is theft…. what is poverty?
  • Wikipedia is a collective approach to reality.
  • A living organism is a genetic plan looking for approval
  • PCs of all kinds should be considered cultural goods and move around the world duty free.
  • selling marijuana is illegal, selling weapons is legal ??!!
  • The reason infectious disease does not succeed wiping us out is that we r the pathogens homes. They could but they also need a place.
  • That the US has not been attacked again proves that civilians at home do a much better job than the military abroad.
  • For a country having tons of oil is a curse. Hard for citizens to come up with anything that beats money pumped from the ground.
  • Many foreigners believe that USA is a dictatorship because what they get to see, US Foreign policy mostly is.
  • Is the US bad loan a 50bn write off or a half a trillion write off?
  • Charity is not sustainable
  • Everything changes but flying hasn’t changed in 30 yrs.
  • why are internet companies taking over tv and not the other way around?
  • My dream wifi router would download my favorite movies on its own while I am at work.
  • judaism does not oppose abortion emphasis is on healthy baby not conception
  • Populist leaders are bad, but unpopular leaders are worse.
  • Oil is bad but coal is worse
  • USA is the only country that supports the death penalty….that you would want to live in.
  • Christmas was invented to get over the depressing winter days, in my native Argentina it comes at exactly the wrong time.
  • Slim, #1 rich man in the world has wealth equiv to 7% of the Mex GDP. Gates 0.4% of US GDP.
  • Methamphetamine is the most important drug you have never heard about (or taken)
  • Life’s challenge is not to have problems but to learn how to deal with them.
  • Why should we care more than China about North Korea’s atomic bombs?

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