I don’t twit in the traditional sense of the term (internet tradition is measured in months not years). I don’t generally tell people what I am doing. Instead I twit what I am thinking about. For year end I will post what Evan Williams, founder of Twitter, appropriately called thought nuggets.

  • Ireland shows that to thrive you don’t need to have leading global companies. U just need for them to like u.
  • having children is the only miracle we can experience in real life
  • will the next web finally be the one in which the interface is human meaning speech, video, sound, and not keyboards and text?
  • i am now trilingual, mac, ubuntu, windows, but I rarely use windows anymore
  • Why is top blogging equal or better than top print and top video blogging a la youtube so much worse than cable TV?
  • the best internet conferences in Europe are DLD, Google Zeitgeist, Le Web 3 and SIME
  • facebook: your social CV
  • my favorite Nokia apps are shozu. fring and pocketcaster
  • Are Putin and Hu Jintao dictators or are they necessary intermediary steps between Stalin, Mao….and democracy?
  • There are 3 approaches to immigration: no immigrants like Japan, low skilled immigrants like Spain, most qualified immigrants around the wo …
  • FedEx proves that moving things is much more profitable than moving people.
  • virtual philanthropy, second life or stardoll can give virtual property away for free to people in poor countries
  • Airlines are masters at affinity programs yet they don’t seat people on planes according to affinities.
  • There r 3 Arab civil wars going on now in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.
  • With global warming the amount of cells in the planet will increase.
  • Would Sarkozy love an Obama led America as much?
  • I was against Sarkozy but I sincerely hopes he brings a sense of urgency to complacent France
  • A few months ago the future was in Second Life, now the future is in Facebook, where is the future going to be tomorrow?
  • USA tries to stop illegals at the border. Europe on the streets.
  • I work better since I abandoned Microsoft for Ubuntu and Mac. But I can’t wait for browser based computing to be ready.
  • Coming from Europe, Canada seems like a kinder, more caring, USA.
  • in USA “undivided attention” is a thing of the past
  • Are social networks about being social or about self promotion.
  • Facebooks success is like America’s: immigration.
  • San Fran. One of the most beatiful cities in the world. Even the homeless seem to agree.
  • Why is it that in Europe most parking is underground and in America is not?
  • I am in the wine country. Didn’t know they had such a country. Its just beautiful!
  • Calistoga, Healdsburg, areas, add them to the list of places to see…
  • When u fly in America, u realize that terrorism won.
  • Why if women do not compete with men in sports do they fight agaimst them in war?
  • there are over 700 people worth over $5 million thanks to the rise in Google share price
  • Skype should offer an open API for chat even if it does not for voice. If not Google Talk will eventually catch up.
  • forget about the war on drugs, i want to start the war…on war
  • One measure of civilization: lowest police per capita.
  • as population grows, there are more people who believe in past lives that there are past lives available for them
  • Israel is the home of over one million Palestinian. None of them become terrorists.
  • Is it possible to be a very well educated person and not speak English?
  • Since Facebook opened apps all the other communities I belong to are going silent.
  • It is easier for me to understand why humans die than to understand why they sleep.
  • Chile has the best government in Latin America, but the worst music. In Cuba the opposite is true.
  • The Bible by proclaiming virginity leaves out the only miracle we do experience in real life: conception.
  • Nintendo fanboys are sheep, Sony fanboys are crabs, PC gamers r hermits
  • The best two service economies are USA and Japan. One is based on tipping. The other one on duty.
  • the iPhone is web 1.0, it s a great spectator phone, but you can’t film, the camera is very poor, it’s amazing to read but poor to write on …
  • Pakistan’s ruler likes the West but his people hate it. Iran has a ruler who hates the West, but his people like us. Pakistan has the bomb. …
  • Enhanced TV is the TV industry answer to time shifting
  • 2006 was the year with most TV sold in USA, most TVs sold over 50 inches
  • HBO is the only big TV network without ads, can that last?
  • US regulators believe that anyone in finance who is consistently generating alpha is cheating
  • Londons recent lead gain over NYC is mostly due to poor US reg moves
  • U cannot chat, film, gps on an iPhone.
  • Companies r taken private when investors think they will be misunderstood
  • The net neutrality fight, to US consumers, is like hearing divorced parents argue, consumers need both, papa and mama
  • The fastest growing population segment in OECD countries is those over 65
  • A smoker has on the average 3400 dollars of extra medical costs per year in USA
  • Health Care systems should be rated along 3 axis: quality, access and cost.
  • The secret to how grandparents get along so well with grandchildren is their common enemy
  • The members of the Forbes 400 pay less taxes in percentage terms than their receptionists
  • USA has a 250bn deficit with China. USA gets goods. China gets paper.
  • U want to buy a biz that an idiot can run cause sooner or later one will, pete lynch
  • As I listen to Bill Gates present I realize that he is falling out of touch with the times.
  • Microsoft Surface, computer on your desk gets in your desk, looked cool
  • George Burns got 4 amazing girls for his 95th bday. He saw them and said: sorry babes, I am 95, one of u has to go.
  • Warren Buffett’s political views would make him very well liked in Europe. In USA he gets away with them.
  • USA and Europe lose a lot by training foreign students and then refusing them work visas.
  • The NYC public school system has to deal with students whose parents speak 170 different languages
  • In the States education is managed by mayors, not presidents
  • Biz is on on dog eat dog world, politics is just the reverse
  • Problem: politics has gone global but policies remain local
  • Many local problems only have global solutions
  • Tony Blair a hero of mine in spite of Iraq. I wish he ran the UN
  • Bush argues that if USA leaves Iraq the country will fall into chaos. At this point it is more likely that the opposite is true.
  • Americans defeat the weather. In the winter…it’s too hot, in the summer it’s too cold.
  • Carlos Slim is the wealthiest man on earth. Mexico’s GDP is 1/17th of that of USA.Slim’s wealth says a lot about poor income distribution! …
  • in madrid people are nasty in the upper class suburbs and nice downtown, in NYC the opposite is true
  • in America the rich are mostly visible, in Spain they are mostly invisible
  • in America many people take their babies out of their homes and drive them around to put them to sleep…
  • NY Times says USA has become one of the countries with the most road fatalities rates, it ranks bet Poland and Greece.
  • in New Hampshire its legal to drive without your seat belt: live free or die?
  • the Youtube/CNN debate made the Time cover true, the clipmakers were the protagonists
  • the Americans invent, the Europeans design, the Chinese manufacture
  • China is replacing USA as the growth engine of the world. USA is slowed down by military spending and legal waste.
  • USA’s real estate market moves in two different waves, one for 99% of the population and the other for 1% of the population
  • Many conspiracy theories come out of poor policy choices. People can’t believe that their gov is so incompetent and attribute higher motives …
  • I prefer to know what people are thinking than what they r doing
  • do first born children have more sleeping problems? if they do it must due to the inexperience of the parents
  • women are overcoming 10K years of oppression in 50, not bad
  • Americans let teens drive at 16 but get to drink at 21. I think it would be best if teens could learn to drink in moderation and then drive
  • When it gets to sex and alcohol the US gov makes teens feel and act like criminals.
  • Endowments many times survive their reason to exist
  • Freedom is the ability to lead a life without fear
  • in Argentina where I grew up being very thin was associated with being poor, in the Hamptons where I am now the opposite is true
  • USA should lower the drinking age and raise the driving age
  • 40% of bottled water in the States is tap water
  • Back in Spain, make a GSM call, quality far superior to US, why r US cell nets so bad?
  • Since 1980 the number of imprisoned Americans grew 450%
  • How can the Spaniards work so little compared to the Koreans and have the same GDP per person?
  • Is Google atmospheric P/E a blessing or a curse for googlers?
  • People get much more energy per kg of food than engines running biofuels.
  • flying and sailing have much more in common than people think, people who are afraid of flying but not sailing should learn about this
  • Laws should follow the principles of inactive email accounts, after certain years of not being used they should be deleted
  • Paradox: in Europe the highest holocaust survival rates were among German Jews.
  • Can fully veiled women be candidate in an election?
  • The next big thing in tattoing is to tattoo objects
  • Books are tools for communication and as such they are becoming outdated
  • Why do so many people believe supermarket food poisons them?
  • Ten percent of Protestants, 21 percent of Roman Catholics, and 52 percent of Jews do NOT believe in God.
  • there are 1,4 billion Mulsims and 14 million Jews in the world
  • there are over 6bn people on the planet, around 1 bn consider themselves non religious
  • Religious theories are shortcuts towards explanations
  • Europe and USA diverge on death penalty, guns, religion in politics, environment, military spending, egalitarianism, beaurocracy, transport
  • When credit markets get shaky LDCs credit tanks first even when they run surpluses. Hard for them to believe in markets.
  • When people tell me that we all had previous lives somehow I can’t work out the demographics
  • Virginity: the rare occasion in which beginners are praised.
  • People who are afraid of chemicals don’t seem to realize that all that we see and eat are chemicals.
  • Americans can’t remember, Europeans can’t forget, Asians can’t forgive
  • Digital photography. You can always do prints…you never do.
  • I have a hard time with the notion that our TV signals will be around the universe once our planet is gone.
  • The Southern hemisphere is mostly water, less able to eliminate carbon emitted in the North.
  • There are more bacteria in your body than years in the universe.
  • Antartica is technically a desert
  • Learning requires focus, focus requires that we ignore most else, so learning requires ignorance?
  • Judged by numbers, the animals who we hate, rats, have been doing better than the ones we like,cats.
  • I spent hours thinking about a plausible theory of why humans like music and dance so much, could not come up with anything reasonable…
  • When non US people buy dollars US citizens get richer. If those buyers shift to euros….
  • Birth rates collapse when people children as a financial burden rather than life insurance. Is that why they were having them?
  • weeks are an irrational division of time
  • University is the place where professors teach u what they were never able to do
  • Species need lucky mutants to evolve, does human knowledge need thinking mutants to expand?
  • Anyone who is anybody spends time on the internet. If I was looking for Osama Bin Laden I would look for him online.
  • USA is the only country able to export famous people, why?
  • Growing old in America: Dawson’s Creek, Friends, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives and Weeds.
  • humans process food much more efficiently than cars, another reason to oppose biofuels
  • global warming is bad except in the fact that it increases the amount of living cells in the planet
  • Addiction treatments like AA rely on 0 tolerance for addictive substance. This is not possible with addiction to food.
  • Does children happiness correlate better with parents being together or with time spent with parents?

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Max Navarro on December 27, 2007  · 

You never rest?

I mostly agree with the statements, share your surprise, and join you in your questions.

Still, I wonder why no people comments. It is controversial, and thought provoking, you are well known, and no comments. There are dozens of posts hidden between lines.

Again, I wonder about the value of continent as opposed to content. What other million things we miss because of the format?


3.0 rating

Antoin O Lachtnain on December 28, 2007  · 

I don’t agree with your comment about Ireland and depending on multinationals. It’s fine as far as it goes, but in the longer term, an economy has to develop its own brands and its own strength. It’s the same as the US-europe issue on the Internet – Europe can’t just be an American ‘client’ – it has to develop its own stuff -.

As Europe gets more integrated, we’re finding in Ireland that the old local brands are being diluted by bigger, better organized overseas brands, particularly from the UK. Nothing wrong with that per se, but to maintain economic strength, we’re going to have to contribute something of ourselves to the global marketplace. We are succeeding well in some spheres (for example property and airlines) but not doing too well in others (technology and retail).

3.0 rating

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