Last month I blogged about how the Blackberry became the Redberry in China. Basically what I said is that China Unicom decided that instead of making a deal with RIM, the company behind the Blackberry it would simply copy the Blackberry but make it more Chinese and launch the RedBerry. So what is the RedBerry? It´s a push e mail device that with Chinese servers and Chinese controls included that pays no royalties to RIM nor accepts any direction from this Canadian company. And what is the VaticanBerry? Well, the VaticanBerry seems to be the same solution applied to Catholicism. Catholicism has its own system of patents and trademarks. As opposed to other religions you can´t call yourself a Catholic if the Vatican does not want you to. The Vatican owns the brand, or does it? China went for its own bishops. Welcome to the VaticanBerry.

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