Over the last couple of years I have been asked a question that I had no answer for: what is the successor of the Web 2.0? What comes after user generated content or P2P? Well I think that the next web is the Visual Web. And I mean visual as opposed to text based web. No, I am not saying that text is dead but I do believe that text as the main driver of the Internet is becoming less and less important. And all other audiovisual means of communication are becoming more important. And that is why I call this new web the Visual Web.

In terms of Telco traffic and ISP the trend towards visual is felt in the enormous traffic increase of TV, high quality pictures, high def video, movies of ever increasing quality, P2P video communications like video calls on Skype, music, and gaming including the new trend to play web served games. Traffic. If the textual web was 90% of the web a few years ago now it´s more like 10%. Even this blog, or the more active version of this blog which is in Spanish, has become more and more a video blog, a photo blog, an image blog. And even text itself is increasingly populated with emoticons, a new type of “letters” that other than the smiley do not exist outside of the web. Text on the web is rarely seen without a visual effect. So much so that when I read books now I find them sorely lacking in visuals, I suffer over long textual descriptions of events or images that would be so much better represented via graphics or art. But this is much easier to do online.

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