You may have heard this.  You ask someone, so where do you live, and they answer, on a plane.  Well as absurd as this sounds I know more and more people who live like that.  I call them the new homeless.  They work for global companies or are entrepreneurs themselves, sometimes intellectual entrepreneurs, regular speakers at conferences for example, lecturers, itinerant professors.  These people have a hard time establishing roots somewhere and many of them tend not to come from anywhere in particular.  Instead they were already  roamers as kids thanks to their parents who may have been diplomats, executives at multinationals, or global hippies.  The problem with the new homeless is that they are mostly unable to develop functional relationships, or friendships and thus the booming field of internet relationships where friendship knows no boundaries.  Unfortunately nobody has invented the internet hug yet and all those emoticons cannot replace a caress or a falling tear.

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