It is interesting to see that the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 which killed from 3% to 5% of the population of Berlin, Paris, New York started slowly in the Spring and Summer and then went wild in the Fall killing most of its victims then. Flu spreads by proximity and physical contact. In the Fall schools start, people go indoors, and the chances of contact greatly increase. But what´s different now is not the medicine itself that has advanced very little against viruses but that we have the Internet. If the current Flu epidemic killed over say 300 people in Spain I would probably tell people at Fon to work at home over the Internet. I would not ask people to risk their lives to work at Fon. I would not send my children to school either and would ask them to study over the Internet. I would establish a plan to limit contact with the outside world, would stop traveling and would wait. I see Skype type products usage exploding if the Pandemic happens. I just hope it goes away though. News from Mexico were encouraging this weekend.

The majority of deaths came in the Fall

The majority of deaths came in the Fall

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