Even though USA is the undisputed leader in the Web 2.0, in Europe companies like Skype, FON, Netvibes and OpenBC are also creating huge global communities, and the first Web 2.0 IPO will take place in Europe.
ll in the States, especially among those executives who deal more in the international arena.

OpenBC, now renamed Xing, will go public in a relatively short period of time, in what is expected to be a very large IPO for this profitable community of 1.4 million members with a revenue run rate of around 3 million euros. German media sources say that Xing´s will be a huge IPO of over 50 million euros.

For those who don´t know it, OpenBC is a community of business executives that has a more exclusive feeling and provides more in depth information and its members than LinkedIn. While Linkedin is free, OpenBC cost around 6 euros per month, but those 6 euros are paid by enough members to make the OpenBC model much more sustainable.

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