Remember that imaginary product called La Fatera (coming from La Fonera)? Well it now exists and it´s called Withings. It is so exactly what we blogged about that if it is a coincidence Loic Le Meur and I will accept not to take royalties. The Withings (terrible name) is actually very well designed. It is a scale that shares your weight on the internet. It is the social weight loss method. Unfortunately unlike the Fonera the Withings does not Tweet itself. Withings has to work on that. But it does share you weight on the internet. Here is mine. My objective is go to back down to 82kg that I had before the wedding and honeymoon. In the meantime I thank Loic Le Meur for giving us the Fatera as we wedding gift! It is a great gift because we all know what happens oto people after they get married….especially men.

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