During a dinner at TechTalk Loic started with a joke directed to the heavier techies at the table called “the Fatera”. The idea was to propose that Fon, who already makes the social router known as the Fonera, builds a social scale called the fatera that tells your friends over wifi connecting to the fonera, how your weight is evolving. How would this fatera work?


Simple, when you step on the scale a wifi connection would be established with your Fonera and your weight will appear wherever you want on the internet. You could even have a box in your blog with it. You can then decide to keep the info to yourself (not very useful) or share it with those who are helping you to lose weight. It could be friends or it could be a web site such as fateros.com a la Alcoholics Anonymous in which people help each other to reduce their addiction to food.

If you know who can design and make these scales do let me know.

Thanks Damian for the prototype.

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Prolific Programmer on May 15, 2007  · 

Do you read Jason Calacanis’ blog, Martin? He’s recently gone on about fat blogging. http://www.calacanis.com/2007/04/26/fatblogging/ Might be useful to check out.

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