Spanair A320-232 EC-HRP
Image by caribb via Flickr

This is the kind of news that are hard to believe but Spanair has reported that they had to suspend a pilot because he brought a pillow to the cockpit and chose to fall asleep while the plane was taking off. It is explained in my Spanish blog. It is a crazy story and it happens a few years ago but it only recently came up as a result of a lawsuit and the Spanair accident in Barajas this summer. On the Spanair accident Spanish courts seem to be making a huge deal out of something very sad and simple, that some planes are very poorly designed and allow pilots to try to take off without flaps. Planes should not be allowed to do this. Investigations now focused on the flaps alarm that supposedly did not go off. But pilots are humans and humans can make fatal mistakes more frequently than systems.

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