I started studying photography. I am on my 4th lesson. Photography is something that we all do, but few know about. I don’t know why it took me so long to take a serious interest in it. With a few lessons your pictures start getting much better.

For those of us who get to travel a lot, photography and video are two amazing tools for sharing our lives. There are no words that could communicate our walk with Nina around Jose Ignacio during a storm as these pictures do.

In the afternoon we went to La Pedrera, another town.

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Diego on January 13, 2010  · 

Muy buenas fotos Martin.
Veo que las has tomado con una Canon 5D Mkt II. Seria interesante que escribas un pequeno post o comentario sobre que tal te parece con respecto a la 50D. Sobre todo el tema del peso, pasar a una full frame, etc.

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Martin Varsavsky on January 14, 2010  · 

Yes pictures were taken with a 5D Mark II, an amazing camera. But it is hard to explain what full frame does until you use both say a Nikon D90 and a 5D.

Ruben on January 13, 2010  · 

If there is something i dont like about photography is that you can lost the focus, i meant, if you went to take a walk to that so nice beach there is a moment you center you attention to be taking photos instead to spend the good time with your wifi, to be relax, to appreciate the environment, ey nina! stand up over there! hold on a second!, hold onnnn waittttt, ok lets keep walking through…. ohh look what so nice background, wait….. wait…… and so on so on…. its stressed, at least for me, isnt it?

P.D: Un saludo desde españa

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Fabian Luque on January 13, 2010  · 

Muy buenas fotos.

Yo hace un tiempo arranque con esto de la fotografia DSLR. Con el tiempo uno va a aprendiendo a ver las cosas de otra manera y aprende a capturarlas mejor. A principios de este año arranque con un proyecto 365, en el cual tenes que postear una foto todos los dias durante 365 días. Veremos si llego.

No se si habrás aprendido ya cosas sobre composicion y post-produccion de fotos, pero son cosas que te permiten corregir cosas, como por ejemplo la ley de los tercios o enderazar las fotos para que el horizonte no quede torcido. 🙂

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Cristina on January 14, 2010  · 

Muy buenas fotos ! me encatan

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