When I studied in the States, at Columbia University in the 80s, the Reagan Administration had put out a huge campaign called “Say No To Drugs”. As I come to visit America in the 00’s, I can´t think of a better campaign to start than one that simply says “Say No To Food”.

My weight has fluctuated between 76kg and 80 kg over the last 10 years, but when I visit America coming from Spain, and stay for a while (this time for a month), I invariable gain weight.

During the last few days I have found a solution and that is to simply say NO to food. I don´t take the breakfasts they offer me, I don´t eat the whole meal in a restaurant, I protect myself as I have never been offered so much food in my life as in America. And not only is there a tremendous quantity of food available, but its quality has improved to the point that I would argue that the best restaurants in the world are now not in Europe, but in America, and this makes food even harder to resist.

In Spain nobody offers you food during business meetings. Indeed, I would say that in Spain nobody eats when others don´t eat as well. It is rude to eat alone. And, of course, there are obese people in Spain, but simply many less than in America. Now as there is so much food available in America all the time (at Google –my investors at FON– there´s simply food everywhere all the time and of great quality) I think it´s time to simply say no to it.

I may be wrong, but I have the impression that food is becoming more of a health threat than drugs in this country.

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