I just found this video ap palin g.

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Roschelle on October 2, 2008  · 

she is sooo dangerous…

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Pablo Baqués on October 2, 2008  · 

I agree. Ap Pal(l)in g indeed.

I see you’re increasingly gifted for cryptic clues, Martin.

So what do you think, Vamo’ a perdé OBAMA ganar?

Personally, when I think about Barack not making it…

M c Cain la’ media’, m c cain.

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Martin Varsavsky on October 2, 2008  · 

@ Pablo Baqués:

I have said for a long time in my blog that I think Obama will win. But I also believe that he should be doing better. He has the best cards and has had them for a while. McCain is a genius at making people believe that somehow he is very different from Bush and Cheney. And Palin surprisingly appeals to an enormous amount of US voters.

Carlos on October 2, 2008  · 

Scary…really scary

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Pablo Baqués on October 2, 2008  · 


I could not agree more with your #3.

I sincerely HOPE you are right about Obama. I also agree with your “he should be doing better”… particularly at the debate. It seemed like McCain’s incessant “Senator Obama does not understand” was often an exposed jaw, but Barack’s uppercut never came!

Right again when you say “is a genius at…” THAT is what being a “Maverick” is all about. Now explain to me why anybody would WANT a candidate that is proclaimed, both by the public AND himself …. a “Maverick”. Now please! That’s like saying oh yes, I like going to that used car dealership, because the dealer is really good at his job. He can sweet-talk me into anything he wants.

On to Palin: (by the way, the spell checker does not recognize the name, a good omen).

First a short digression: my unforgettable chemistry professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Dr Naum Mittelman taught me a way to introduce a theory: “Todo sucede como si…” he used to say. “Everything happens as if…”. So the actual ultimate nature of any physical events sequence paled by comparison to the importance of a way to explain it.

So I am going to apply Dr Mittelman’s quote to what went on in McCain’s mind when choosing a VP candidate:

Todo sucede como si:

At some meeting, or may be when at the shower, John McCain came to the realization that he will lose. But how can I shove the blame onto someone else? , he thought. I know! Get an automatic loser for a VP candidate! Give me that short list. Palin? Sarah Palin? A moose whacker who can’t make sense of anything beyond two subordinate clauses in a sentence? YES! I got it! Put her on the line right now.

And the rest is nightmare.

True, the plan initially backfired because MANY PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKED HER. But this is America, Martin, and no matter what you do or say there will be somebody supporting you.

I can’t wait for tonight’s VP debate, where the intellectual death of Palin at the hands of Biden might lend further credibility to my theory.

Unless Biden, too, cannot throw uppercuts.

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John Doe on October 2, 2008  · 

This is a potentially misleading title: I was shocked when reading it thinking a story had surfaced about a girl raped by Palin’s father. Read it again.

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Jaime on October 3, 2008  · 


Mezclar fe y política es lo que tiene.

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Dani Santi on October 3, 2008  · 

I will be afraid if these kind of people win. McCain will do a change from Bush, but this change will be directed against Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, … and other unsocial politics and more and more …
I can believe how the people can be blind to this politicians in US, Spain, …
Of course it is a interesting video on the same level as she is dangerous.

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Antoin O Lachtnain on October 3, 2008  · 

I think it is a little unfair to highlight this particular issue in isolation. She is entitled to her views. It is good to see a person of conviction, even if I don’t agree with the convictions. Lots of other people in American politics probably think the same, but just don’t say it.

I think the journalist should have gone into more detail on what influence these beliefs had on her political decisons.

I also think that the issue of care for disadvantaged children after they have been born needs to be taken into the context. I have heard that Palin was weak on this in practice whilst governor in Alaska. For me, this would be a much bigger issue, because it would mean that she was being inconsistent.

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andres on October 3, 2008  · 


You also said buy aalp, check your crystal ball.

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jaime on October 3, 2008  · 

jo, me censuraste el anterior post, no sé si por escribir en español o por el JO-DER de sorpresa ante la triste que me parecieron las declaraciones de ésta mujer.

To avoid any doubt, I just found this woman’s speech unsubstantial and quite ridiculous. I believe faith and politics do not mix.


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Martino Sabia on October 3, 2008  · 

Thanks to sharing this, i missed it.

I believe – either after i’ve seen last night debate with Biden – that mrs. Palin is a very smart woman in not responding to direct questions. She avoids the issue every time and talks around it. So i think McCain does. I really hope that’s only my misperception and that even if they will win the election they’ll change US policy, internally and in foreign policy.

For what it worths… i’m for Obama ;).

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Martin Varsavsky on October 3, 2008  · 

@ andres:

i also said SELL when it had a good profit its in my blog

Pablo Baqués on October 3, 2008  · 

Biden, too, cannot throw uppercuts.

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rayos y centellas on October 4, 2008  · 

When I was 21 my 18 year-old girlfriend got pregnant. It was her fault, she forgot taking the pill. I was very much in love with her and I told her, that even though I was still studying in university and I have no source of income, I would accept whatever decission she chose and that if she wanted to go with the pregnancy I would be there for her, supporting her and trying to be the best father possible. She had already made up her mind it seemed, she didn’t want to go on with the pregnancy. I told her of course I accepted her decission, even though it hurt like hell realising she didn’t want to have a child with me. I didn’t know what was going on inside her head, and I’m even surprised now how mature I could be though being you so young at that time. I loved her so much that I wanted her to be happy. I thought that having an unwanted child would make her very unhappy, and that every child brought to this world should be loved and cared and desired to be born.
My girlfriend, exgirlfriend now, gave me the news of her decission and something else, she told me she didn’t want to go with our relationship either. Still, I followed her all the way to the abortion clinic in Madrid (clínica Dator) and payed half the price of the operation. Madrid, 1996, it cost 60 000 pesetas.
I’m very proud of how I behaved. I was quite sad for a while, being dumped is not nice and the thought of what that child could have looked like was haunting me for a while.
Right now I live in Sweden. Here abortions are free regardless of the reason. The idea is that the woman is the only one that can take that decission. Of course there’s a legal period, beyond which no doctor will perform the abortion. Even if the father wants the child the woman is the owner of her body and decides.
I hope that the Spanish government will soon change the current law regulating abortions in Spain. No mother would want to stop a pregnancy unless she had goon reasons for that, you can be sure about that. Many women die every day around the world for abortions performed by non-professionals, with no sufficient training or hygiene at all.
A couple years back I saw a film that really shocked me, which I recommend you to watch: “Vera Drake”. In Spain it was released under the name “El Secreto de Vera Drake”. It’s directed by Mike Leigh, who has such an incredible sensibility in all his films, my favourite being “Secrets and Lies”. “Vera Drake” goes to the root of the problem with abortion. Even if it’s legal or not, women that cannot afford to have a child, or that just don’t want to have it, are going to find someone that will help them to stop it. We should provided the means to make it free and safe for all women in trouble.
One last thought. Sarah Palin states that she is pro-life. I just read this morning that her son has departed to fight in Irak. Is this how she supports life? By supporting an illegal war where thousands of Irakis and Americans have died for no reason and by risking her own son’s life? I hope, for the sake of my dear Americans, that this dangerous and crazy woman will never have any power to put her ideas into practice.
Big hugs to everyone and thanks Martin for bringing up this issue.
Hälsningar från Stockholm! Saludos desde Estocolmo!

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xl on October 4, 2008  · 


Acojonante tío, resulta que se queda embarazada y la culpa es suya… Vamos que seguro que también le denigraste preguntandole si estaba seguro que era tuyo…

Que pasa que no sabía que existían condones??? Qué acaso no querías hacer tú el amor??? que acaso no fuíste tú quien puso su esperma dentro??? Vamos que hay que tener un par de huevos para decir que fue culpa suya… Y luego te extrañas que la tía cortase contigo… Joder viendo tú actitud recriminativa no me extraña… Si despues de pasar años y en la frialdad de un post sueltas semejante perla, no quiero ni pensar las burradas que le dijíste en el momento que te comunicó que estabas embarazada…

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xl on October 4, 2008  · 

Well the example that the journalist asked it’s very strong, and horrible. But the question is when the human been is alive, and Palin (as me) we belive that is in the moment of the conception.

For me a Fetus of 1 day has the same rigths than a boy of 5 years. I know that so many people won’t be agree with me, and I accepted that.

So this Question to Sarah Palin is like to ask if you think that we should kill the children that has 12 years and has born from an incestus…

I know is difficult to understand, but her answer is based not in who is the father or how was done the conception, she answered that a life is a life in any condition, wherever it was the origen, and that we shouldn’t kill a boy of 12 years as we should,nt kill a fetus of 1 month….

The question is what she consider a life, more that the origen of the conception.

Anyway I don’t like Sarah Palin’s, and I’ll hope that Mc Cains resist the 8 years period…

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rayos y centellas on October 4, 2008  · 

I find your comments extremely rude and offensive. You don’t know me, you don’t know anything about me. I woud never dare say such things to anyone that has gone through such an experience.
Going back to what happened in my case, when you are in a relationship and have sexual intercourse and your partner is taking the pill you expect her to do so. And if she forgets to take it, which is what happened, I take that most people wouldn’t think that it was their fault but the other person’s. I never blamed her in anyway, and as I wrote, I faced the situation and would have gone all the way and been the father of the child. But she chose not. And, I insist since your accusations are extremely offensive, I never cast any doubt about who the father was.
Now, trying to analyse your words, I would have to tell you that firstly it’s not a fetus but an embryo. Second, you say that for you a 5 year-old baby and a 24-hour embryo have the same rights, and that you understand Sarah Palin’s words when, just sheltering herself behing the pro-life excuse, would force women to bear their rapists’ babies. You see I’m trying to keep my tone in this message so I’m not going to say anyway I would regret, though the forums in the internet let you and me be anonymous. Despite this I’m going to try to tell you my opinion as if we were in a bar right now, Saturday night, in Madrid (which I guess I would really like in this moment instead of the watching the rain fall throught the window in my Stockholm flat), just having a beer… dude , you should really stop to think about it for a while. I recommend you watch “Vera Drake” if you have the chance. A link 4 everyone if that’s fine with Martin:
PS: Please don’t write in Spanish

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Martino Sabia on October 5, 2008  · 

@rayos y centellas: thank you to share your story, it was very eye opening even if i ever thinked that women only has the right to choose about abortion.

Today I’ve thinked a lot about Palin’s being “pro-life”. I think that for common citizen being Pro-life is a personal issue and a moral issue. Anyone has to be free to think the way they want. But… Governor Palin is not a common citizen she can became the next vice-president of a country, one of who has the power to make laws, and the way she don’t answer to direct questions is very scary. If someone ask her what she thinks about something she has to repond in a way to make it clear how she will make laws on her thinking. I think american has the right to know, to make their decision.

By the way, if only i can, i’ll make a single question to Palin and all the american pro-life people: how can you be pro-life if your country is still admitting death penalty? How can you be pro-life in a country where possession of weapon is legal and so common?

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Don't Kill the Innocent on November 5, 2008  · 

Abortion is murder. Period.

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