I finally got my Sansa Connect and I think that the Sansa, while not a great gadget as of now, it is certainly the start of something great. My short review of it is that the gadget itself is extraordinary, compact, inviting, but as it is available now the Sansa Connect is only great if you love Yahoo´s music platform as it is geared to work and promote that platform. I have been a user of Yahoo Music for a couple of years now and while I have my Martinvars1 radio there, what I like most on the internet is freedom of choice and to me the best Sansa Connect is one that has Yahoo Music and LastFM, and Pandora, and whoever else I like. Now having said this, I do think it is worthwhile to buy the Sansa Connect because the Yahoo Service has access to most music that is available and it is great to have an ipod like device that “contains” most music you would ever want to listen to.

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