Here´s the video that shows committing to reinvest the profits of his transportation companies that he estimates in $3bn in businesses that are enviromentally friendly. Or at least that is what I think I understood.

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Cem Dalgic on September 22, 2006  · 


thanks for sharing these incredible moments with us!
What Richard Branson did is exactly what i am understanding of being an entrepreneur.

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Kasper Daniel Balslev on September 22, 2006  · 

Richard Branson is king. True inspiration.

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Marble2 on September 22, 2006  · 

This is a world changing commitment and I applaud Branson’s efforts combatting AIDS in Africa and attacking global warming head on.

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Marcelo on September 23, 2006  · 

Richard Branson is a true 21st Century entrepreneur. Look at what he is doing at Virgin Airlines. It is one of the best airlines, close to Emirates, Singapore Airlines and not so many others.

Non renewable energy projects are growing at a fast pace in the whole world, including emerging markets such as Latin America.

Will try to keep track this donation during the following years!

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Jodi Vallejo on September 29, 2006  · 

I admire Richard; throughout the years he has shown Britain and the world that he is really committed to create businesses that are profitable for society and not just profitable businesses. For successful enterprises to be profitable to society is a great value added that top of the line managers now appreciate more and more. We all feel the need to help others and, when a manager becomes part of an enterprise where social improvement is part of the business strategy, that makes him and each of the members feel even more attached to the company. I strongly recommend entrepreneurs to find ways of making their enterprises profitable to society because this will not only help them create a healthier working environment but will definitely also increase company profits by return.

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Aaron Anthony Nieuwenhuizen on February 27, 2009  · 

My life is what I would call a mirror immage of mr Branson’s own, in that I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am today. I am 20 years old and a twin engine I.F. flight instructor in South Africa.

I just want everyone to know that I am the first pilot to exsecute the first commercial flight into space for mr Branson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

”Screw it , lets do it”

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