That when Bush and Blair invaded Iraq they really thought that they would be welcome as liberators by the Iraqi people. That global leaders know much less than we think they know.

That the next step after biotechnology will be biocomputing. I think that in the next 100 years we will grow intelligent tissue in labs and use it to perform tasks.

That the future of telecoms in urban centers will be made of fiber optics combined with very high throughput microcells.

That religion is the opium of the Republican Party.

That all living things are programmed to die because death is the only way living things have to keep score. Even the fittest die and it´s through their dying that we know, how “well” they did.

That in the next 200 years we will learn to tinker with the program that makes us age but somehow, real estate markets around the world, seem to be behaving as if we have found the source code already.

That America is the most productive country in the world until you divide that productivity per hour worked.

That America is going broke thanks to lawyers and the military.

That one of the biggest mistakes Jews made was invent the concept of the Messiah and then not believe that Jesus was the Messiah and then missing again a second chance 700 years later to believe that Mohammed was the Messiah. Especially when most other people did believe in one or the other and very few people, namely Jews, remain skeptical of their own invention and suffered the consequences of being tiny minorities among Christians and Muslims.

That China is only one party away from Democracy…and yet so far.

That the Clintons will run America again and the world will be a better place…again.

That there´s a very weak link between terrorism and lack of opportunity and a very strong link between terrorism….and opportunity.

That the best possible experience in air travel is not the food or the service but to seat next to somebody you love.

That wealth is the best contraceptive.

That there probably is intelligent life in other galaxies but that we are too many light years away to have a conversation. “Hello” will take say 1000 years to travel, “how are you” another 1000 to return.

That we think we know a lot and people in the 1800s did not. But we will look as ignorant to people in 200 years.

That it´s very likely that there will be a nuclear terrorist attack in the next 20 years and it will be in Manhattan or Tel Aviv.

That the ethics of biodiesel are wrong, that is wrong to feed food to cars in a world in which there´s starvation.

That the USA and Europe should make one common market for goods and people. That if they did this there would be no mass net migrations. Overall free migration between OECD countries makes a lot of sense.

That Europeans make a huge mistake taxing employment so heavily with social charges and that is the main reason for European unemployment.

That Taiwan is more socialist than China.

That the Chinese Government has less power over its citizen than the average Western democracy over theirs.

That when children are born democracies should give their vote to their parents until they are 14. The parent will then vote twice, one for themselves and another one for their children. When the children reach 14 they would have the right to vote themselves. It is a well known fact of democracies that the poorest citizens in democracies are children and I believe this is because they are not represented through the voting process.

That the relationship between the mind and the brain is one of the least understood.

That the problem is not that oil is mostly in the hands of bad people but that oil rewards bad people.

That the blue states have more in common with Europe and the red states with the Muslim world.

That nuclear energy is not as bad as people think when compared to the alternatives.

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