What did the guys at Radar.net do to get $11 million for what is basically a Twitxr that Fon Labs developed with 2 people in 3 weeks? And I see my friends Joi Ito and Reid Hoffman participated on the first round when they got their first $4 million so there´s probably more to the story than meets the eye. In the meantime Twitxr now links with Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, it has its own iPhone app called iTwitxr, and it works over tons of devices and mobile phones via uploads or emails. It has 4000 members who have posted over 6000 pictures during the first days and pixs are geolocalized (I don´t see that theirs are nor do I see a friends map). I know we owe you a graphic design for Twitxr, so far it has the coders design. We will upload something soon when the Fon designers get a break for Fon stuff. But then what do I know. Radar just appeared on my radar. Maybe they are truly great.

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