Plazes is a great site. I strongly recommend it for people on the move. When I first learnt about Plazes I thought that it would particularily complementary with FON. When I got in touch with Felix Petersen, Plazes co founder, I realized it really was. And it is because of this that FON and Plazes have signed an agreement to work together. Foneros who want to will appear in Plazes. Plazes users will be able to use Plazes to find FON´s hotspots, at least during the part of our history when they will need to be found. Moreover, I have accepted to be on Plazes´ advisory board and Felix in ours. I am disclosing this so the WSJ does not give me a hard time for blogging that Plazes is great while I am on their board. But hey, I thought Plazes was great before joining their board…that does count?

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