Here´s an idea I had today that I don´t think exists (can we still have an original idea?). In any case here it goes, I call it the photostory. And no it´s not like Twitxr, nor like Flickr, nor like Seesmic, nor like Youtube, it is close, but not that. What I would like to see digital cameras and phones to have is the ability of allowing me to do a photostory. How would that work? Well a photostory would combine a voice recording with a person taking pictures. The idea is that somebody would walk around say, Tokyo, telling a story of what he is seeing, his reactions and documenting the story with pictures. Why would you want a photostory and not a video? Because as flickr and youtube show a pictures is a picture and a video is a video (although Sevenload is the only smart side I know that collects both from your SD card). And with a photostory you can have people focus more on your story and quality pictures and not in the poor quality video that we so frequently see on the internet.

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