A Jewish scientist, Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, came up with a controversial concept called Penis Envy, whereby women are supposed to envy our penises. Well I don´t know if this is true or not but as a man I know that the opposite can also be true. I envy my wife for having had the ability to deliver our wonderful son Leo a month ago. So if they, women, envy our penises I can say that us men, certainly envy their ability “grow life”, the only miracle that we do get to experience in real life.

Now while we may not know if Penis Envy is a generalized phenomenom, I can tell you for sure that there is another kind of envy that many Jews feel but few confess to it and that is what I would call Christmas envy. No matter what we try to do with Hanukkah it just can´t compare to the global explosiong of love (and yes of commerce too) called Christmas. So even though most fellow Jews will not confess to it I will. I suffer from a serious case of Christmas Envy. And after this heartfelt confession I will go further. I wish each and everyone of you who celebrate Christmas, a wonderful evening full of love and joy!

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