I am going to start writing about restaurants in my English blog (there are some in my Spanish blog and are generally negative), and will start with La Huella of serial restaurant developer Martin Pitaluga.

La Huella is a restaurant built over a sand dune facing the Atlantic Ocean in Jose Ignacio, a small village East of Punta del Este. While I have been to many seaside restaurants, mostly sailing around the Mediterranean, but some in other places such as Sag Harbor or South Beach in Miami, I have never experience as good quality food, atmosphere and decore as in La Huella. The food is simple, local, and of great quality. I recommend the grilled squid and the corvina.

For those who like steak, the entrecote is one of those Argentine cholesterol bombs, huge, juicy, amazingly good. Desserts? Volcan de Dulce de Leche tops it all. On the negative I can say that it´s super hard to get a table. You may try to say you are a reader of my blog….who knows, maybe that helps….

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