Our dear friend David Sifry is known to most as the founder of Technorati, and now of Offbeat Guides. But what few know is that he is also an amazing photographer. Here´s the proof in our first installment of our wedding pictures. But as you will see, Nina and I decided to open source the photography at our wedding and ask all our friends to show us their view of the event. As other friends publish their pictures I will share with you. In the meantime Nina and I want to thank all of our friends from coming from so far away to Miami to share this moment of great happiness with us.

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weebl on October 26, 2009  · 

these pictures are indeed amazing!

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pablos on October 26, 2009  · 

You look very happy, your family is big and look great together. I am sure your dad would be very proud of your. Mazel tov my friend. Wish you and Nina more happiness and lots, lots of kids. 😉

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Ocho on October 26, 2009  · 

Enjoy YOUR time! #additional greetings from Berlin, Marcello

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Pau on October 26, 2009  · 

What a pitty we could not set it up on time (the truth is that we approached you quite late!), but what you are doing is exactly our concept that we are developing at Olapic.

Many couples still use old-style disposable cameras. Something it is a surprise to me considering that many guests bring digital cameras. The issue resides then, on being able to collect them.

We do believe, however, that not everyone has friends who are good fotografers. Thus Olapic should be more of a complementary service. We just launched our new video: have a look at it here.

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Ouriel Ohayon on October 26, 2009  · 

mazal tov! i assume it was a sepharadic wedding!

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Krikor Ohannessian on October 30, 2009  · 

Congratulations for you and Nina, may your life be full of happiness

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