While most of the people thinks that reputation, fame, success, power and money come together, the truth is that many times they don´t.

You can have a well loved veterinarian, have a great reputation, but be nor famous, nor successful, nor rich nor powerful.

You can be powerful and famous but unsuccessful, have a bad reputation and not be particularily rich, for example President Bush.

You can be famous, successful, have a great reputation but not rich nor powerful, for example Mohammad Yunus.

And one great attribute of the American electorate system is that you can be unknown, not well off, have relatively very little power and relatively little success and during just one primary season manage to convince the majority of the Democrats that you are the best candidate to become the most powerful person on the planet. If Obama becomes this person then he will be powerful and famous for sure, his net worth will not change much for at least 4 years, and what is yet left to determine is how successful he will be and what his reputation will look like after his mandate. Hopefully it will be better than Bush´s.

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