Disclosure: I am on the board of trustees of the Clinton Foundation. Having said this I would like to comment on Obama´s recent rise in the polls. Personally I think USA and the world is more likely to be a better place with the Clintons back in power. If that means more of what we had in the 90s, if that means “nothing new” so be it.   As far as I am concerned the 90s were a period of mostly peace and prosperity. This decade instead has been a time of mostly war and economic bankruptcy. But as things go maybe we won´t have the Clintons back in power. We may get Obama instead. And that would be fine. I like most of what Obama stands for. But my fear is that Obama turns out to be a Carter. A well meaning yet ineffective President. Moreover I think that the Republicans are more likely to beat Obama than the Clintons. Presidential politics is less about Presidential power per se, which is only great in foreign affairs, and more about the ability of the President to convince Congress, Governors, Mayors and others to implement policies that can steer USA in the right direction. Hillary Clinton and the Clintons in general know how to do work with local politicians better than anyone to get things done. Obama mail fail at that.  But in any case the good news is that whoever wins, even McCain, will be better than George W Bush. In the meantime the whole Republican News machinery Fox included is behind Obama so we are likely to see more of him in weeks to come.

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