In this video I show the new entertainment and navigation systems that has been installed in NYC cabs.

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Killy on July 16, 2007  · 

lot of advertising….

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Larry on July 16, 2007  · 

which company was it?
coz I am in NY and I still never saw that, but it’s true that I don’t take cab often…

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Wessel on July 16, 2007  · 

How is this ‘smart’ as the title implies?

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Martin Varsavsky on July 17, 2007  · 


It´s smart cause it has a GPS and that makes it hard for you to get ripped off.

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Wessel on July 17, 2007  · 

It’s not smart for the cab drivers hehe. Now they can’t rip people off, which is a bad thing for them. I don’t know how much an average cab driver earns a day though so they might not need to rip people off.

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