Satellite picture displaying the Korean peninsula at night.Image via WikipediaMy readers know that I believe that the Bush Administration record on world affairs is pretty bad. Still for the sake of fairness there´s something positive to say about President Bush as he prepares to leave the White House and that is how well he and his team have managed North Korea. And nothing more dramatic than today´s footage showing North Korea´s nuclear reactor in which its atomic weapons were made being blown up. It is clear that military power supported by diplomacy as in the case of North Korea works much better than military power alone as it was the case in Iraq. It seems that medication plus therapy is a better treatment for brutal dictators than…lobotomy.

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Jens on June 28, 2008  · 

Good news and good job indeed, but North Korea unlike Iraq was never a delicious prey for the US army due to the lack of attractive natural resources. At least once the poor and starving North Korea was lucky, because no oil means no curse of oil.

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