It all happened in Morocco where I managed to meet the 4 conditions of a great proposal. It was planned in secrecy (to the point that the 20 friends who came to Morocco to join us in the engagement party thought they were coming for Nina´s birthday which was a month ago). It contained a ring. It was a surprise to the fiancee. And most importantly, the outcome was a yes.

The proposal itself was in a desert camp at the border of Algeria and Morocco. We were first traveling with our friends David and Anna Lena and Gabriel and Mariquel and then joined by 16 other friends in Marrakech where last night we had the engagement dinner party.

Not all went well. When I proposed a walk in the desert at midnight under a full moon I was greeted with a “let´s wait until tomorrow to go for a walk I am too tired.” But other than that glitch the rest went very well and now we are happily engaged and celebrating with friends in Marrakech.

Here are some pictures of the trip and the engagement. Locations are Skoura, Ait Benhaddou, Zagora, Mhamid and somewhere in the desert.

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