Some people have one blog. I have 6. Yes 6. It sounds crazy but I do. I basically have this blog in Spanish and English which I use mostly to write about technology and my own experiences building FON. Then I have Safe Democracy in Spanish and English. Safe Democracy is the blog that remained as a result of the March 11th Conference on Democracy and Terrorism. This is a collaborative blog with many different authors. While it´s been dormant for a year this week the Safe Democracy Foundation which I manage has started accepted new contributions by many different authors both in both languages. Lastly I have my political/social blogs. They are the Varsavsky Foundation blogs in Spanish and English and in those blogs I write my political/social views. Interestingly I rarely translate my blogs. I don´t believe in translation. I believe in cultures and I say raise different issues in different languages something that frequently annoys my Spanish readers many of whom believe everything can be translated.

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