My dream pocket gadget would be something like a Nokia N80 with a Blackberry software and keyboard. Until that comes out I will carry two gadgets. The Blackberry 8800 and the N80. But yesterday I heard that Blackberry is addressing one of the major shortcomings of the 8800 and adding WiFi to it. That’s a great move because WiFi is faster than 3G or GPRS and is free.

Still my biggest consumption of bandwidth does not come from email, because Blackberry is very efficient at compressing email. My heavy usage of bandwidth comes from pictures and videos some of which end up in this blog. A video weighs around 20 megs, and 3G is too expensive and slow for that. I now use a tool provided by Vpod to upload videos from my N80 over WiFi and upload them to my blog that works very well.

The new Blackberry with WiFi does not have a camera and the Blackberry Pearl does, but its camera is very poor compared to that of the N80 and does not have video capability.

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gilles on March 7, 2007  · 

yes 3G is too expensive today . that’s why we have foused wwigo on internet and not on 3G or GPRS .

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