I know it´s hard to believe that a country could be at war and not know who his enemy is but this is the case with US in the Iraqi war. In this video I comment an article in the New York Times that details how presidential candidate McCain is confused about this crucial issue.

You can also watch this video in Youtube.

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Jens on April 20, 2008  · 

The US public should read their newspapers. As it seems there are no newspapers that cover the middle East more deeply/often than US papers.


Isn’t it amazing that the blogosphere has the most equal focus. Love that.


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Martín Alejandro Carmona Selva on April 20, 2008  · 


This doesn’t surprise me at all! watch http://www.macs.com.ar/americans in order to see that they ARE such an assholes -sorry for the bad word-.

They don’t even know whether Spain, Argentina or France are located on the map.

I think they don’t deserve all that they got, but they do deserve what’s coming.

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Artem on April 20, 2008  · 

I also wanted to say the same thing as the poster above. There is nothing surprising in the country where less and less people read books, where people don’t know the geography, when people believe everything they are told on the TV.

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colin on April 21, 2008  · 

in many ways its not even a war, I mean it was over in days. now its another vietnam/northern ireland, only the oil issue (follow the money) seems to have been forgotten and all this electioneering and scaremongering reporting is kinda irrelevant

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Stephen G on April 22, 2008  · 

Ok, smart guy. So if it wasn’t al-Qaida in Iraq, who bombed the checkpoint today in Ramadi, Iraq?

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Stephen Gornick on April 23, 2008  · 

Oh, and of course, this Al-Qaeda leader must be confused too, because he just called for muslim support of Al-Qaeda’s efforts in Iraq.

But don’t let the facts get in the way of your spin — tell us the way forward, oh wise one.

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Javier[EmaStudios] on April 25, 2008  · 

Hi Martin; really interesting comment about the war in Iraq. I agree 100%; most americans doesn’t really know why they even are there or who are they fighting with; of course soldiers do.

What is even more surprising is that people get used to the idea of being at war, eating at the street, having lunches, going with their kids (I could listen to kids back there in your video) and, they actually are in War and things could go badly in a second. It’s amazing how people end up thinking about war in Iraq like just another stupid punch line from some guy at TV who wants to do the joke of the week.

As a side note; que usas para grabar esos videos? estoy tratando de conseguir algo aqui en argentina pero quiero referencias de algo que pueda usar. Those video quality are really good!

Javier Cabrera

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