Below you’ll see a video of an amazing goal scored from mid field by Argentina’s Boca Juniors player Palermo against Independiente. What’s interesting about Palermo is that he is a player who has only played well for Boca Juniors, my team. He went to Spain to play where he was paid much more than in Argentina, and yet he played poorly. This frequently happens to top Boca Juniors players who leave the team and country for the big money abroad. Even Maradona’s worst playing took place at the Barça.

Personally, I am happy that this is the case. Argentine teams cannot afford to pay players the incredible amounts of money that Spanish, Italian and UK teams do. But, as you can see watching the explosion of joy that accompanies the goal, there’s something about the overall happiness of Argentine football that money just can’t buy.

Yes, I know that there’s a dark side to all this,the violence that is also sadly very present in Argentine Football. And more needs to be done to end that. But if you visit Argentina, my home country, I think your tour must include a ticket to see Boca Juniors play. Not only will you see some of the best football in the world, but you will also experience the fans’ emotion toward their team more than you have ever experienced anywhere else. As they say “Boca es un sentimiento” (“Boca is a feeling” in people).

Disclosure: these statements come from the heart.

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